The follwing are the most common reasons why sites are promptly deleted:
** If your site employs too much trickery, and/or violates rule #1.
** If your site abuses pop-up windows/consoles.
** If we cannot find our link on your site VERY easily.
** Sites who are hotlinking to any of our banners or graphics.
** If your site is unrelated in theme or topic from that of this list.
** or for any of the reasons outlined below.

Your site must be an Adult content Toon site, games site, artist studio, visual art site or related, ie: Cartoons, Comics, Drawing, Painting, Illustration, Hentai/Anime/Manga, 3D Art, Pin Up, Museum and Link resource..

If your site has quality content, and you promote this list proudly with honest traffic, then this list will value your participation here. Sites who maintain high ranks here are expected to have at least one of our banners/buttons downloaded and posted on on their main page to promote this list. After all, this is a links exchange.

1/. No cheating. This means no forced voting, no non-24 hour links, no scripts, no proxy traffic, no bulk traffic and no link dumping. If you choose to employ blind links on your site, be sure that you also have a Top Toon Sites banner/graphic link in a prominent and proud position on your site to offset such shady traffic exchanges. Violators will be removed immediately without notification. We seek REAL traffic, not blind, forced, bribed or mislead traffic. Sites may be called upon to account for their out-going traffic. And if things don't add up, or we suspect any trickery, your account will be deleted and domain banned.

2/. Your Account Info: Be sure that you have the reciprical link field completed in your account so when we routinely visit your site we are able to find the MAIN link responsible for the bulk of your traffic. Do NOT use all CAPITAL letters in your site name. Do not use icons or captialize words (uppercase type) in your site description (otherwise it appears as though you're YELLING), except if you'd like to emphasize a single word. Sites who violate this will have their titles and/or description edited. Repeat offenders will have their accounts deleted.
** Keep your site description in good taste please in order to remain complimentary to other sites on the list. No foul or vulgar text in your site description. Sites who violate this will have their titles and/or description edited.

3/. Your Banner: Your banner must be hosted on your own domain. ie The domain where TopToonSites is sending the traffic must be the same domain that is housing the banner. No hotlinking to anyone or any other websites banner. That is trickery. Sites involved in such shady practices will have their account immediately suspended, deleted and/or domain banned.

4/. Top Site Webmasters: No other Top Sites lists are allowed on this list unless they receive special permission from this site's webmaster. However at the bottom of the list is an area we could place your topsites link. It's titled "Other Great Related Erotic Resources To Visit!". Contact us if you'd like to exchange links there.

5/. TGP and Affiliate Link Sites: Affiliate sites, TGP's and other traffic diverting income generators are welcome to participate on this list so long as they meet the following criteria:
** Your link back to this list must appear on your entry or main page.
** ...must use the following text as part of site description-"A links resource."
** ...must have a banner/graphic link prominently displayed to off-set your shady, blind traffic."
** ...must re-read and abide by the terms of Rule #1 strictly."
** ...must be in compliance and in agreement with ALL the rules outlined on this list.

6/. Your Content: Top Toons Sites does not believe in censorship of creative visual expression. However, certain subjects including the exploitation of minors and animals is not allowed. Also excessive violence/blood, rape are taboo here. No kids, No Incest, No bestiality, No Snuf. No links to any such sites can be listed upon your site including your links pages, nor keywords in your 'page source (meta-tags)'. No 'Lolita' toons and/or art sections may appear on your site. Your site must not be affiliated, associated, edorsing, promoting or profiting or have any links to any such sites. This is because we are a collective here, and we choose that you not be part of it.

7/. Parody and Satire Sites: If your content consists of parody and/or satire of copyright and trade marked characters owned by other companies (ie Disney, Warner Bros., Nick., ect.), your site is welcome to participate here so long as you include the word "'Parody' and/or 'Satire' in your site description. Also so long as the artwork/cartoons are drawn from scratch and not created by manipulating another artists work or tracing of it.

8/. Copyright Protection: Sites who are not in full legal possession of the artworks they display cannot have membership or AVS in place. ie No profiting from any artist is allowed without written consent from such displayed or exploited artists. Any site involved in the distribution of artworks without proper permission and creditation of the artist, in any way or form, will not be considered for membership and/or be subject to removal.
** Sites that include modified art, meaning, digitally or otherwise changing or manipulating another artist's work, copying art, or creating forgeries will not be considered for membership, and any site that is found in violation will be subject to immediate removal.
**If art is offered for sale in any way or form, either digitally, in print, original art or in any other form, webmasters have to be in full legal possession of all rights according to international law. If there's any doubt to that regard, based upon our discretion, the site can not qualify for entry and/or can and will be removed.
**Collectors and appreciators of Toons and Art who display their collection on the internet, without permission of the artist(s) for whatever reasons, do actually infringe on international copyright laws, but we feel that the display of collections is benificiairy to the artist as long as proper creditation is added and if it's not for personal gain or profit. The artist's work must be sufficiently credited according to our standards and discretion.

9/. Top Toon Sites management reserves the right: to deny membership and/or remove any existing site that is found, in our opinions, to be in violation of the above stated rules and/or be in violation of any international copyright law, as well as sites who in our opinion, do not compliment our collective membership or appeal to our valued surfer's demographic. Sites with minimal or hidden samples, offensive, violent, hate filled, overtly political or tasteless content, weak site design, over use of java script or pop-up/exit consoles, the over abundent display of advertising/porno banners will be denied membership to this collective list.

10/. Disclaimer: is not responsible or liable for any content found on websites/domains linked to this list. This is a traffic generating links list and therefore cannot monitor, control or direct any/all participating link partners.

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